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How It Works

Stream BGaming Games

Complete targets within the games below on your streams.

Submit your results

After each stream, send us your results following the contest rules, compete with other streamers and win different rewards.

Win real money

32 targets with $20K overall prize pool.


Hit as many targets as you can during your live stream before 23:59 CET on December 14th and get real money!
Prize: all remaining money if some targets won't be hit
Target #32: Get the highest multiplier in any game above

Status: no winner

● You can’t use multiple accounts to participate in the Streamers Hunt.
● You can stream maximum 1 game simultaneously.
● Submissions containing more than one game on the screen will be disqualified.
● Submissions without links to the stream with a timecode, or submissions with deleted or unavailable links are subject to disqualification.
● Prizes will be awarded in crypto.
● Organizers reserve the right to disqualify participants for unfair actions or cheating.
● Fake audience is subject to disqualification.
● You have to be at least 18+ years old to participate.
● We start to accept submissions from 10:00 (10am) CET on December 8th and finish at 23:59 on December 14.


Who can participate?

Anyone of age 18+ who streams on Twitch/YouTube/DLive and streams slots for any currency (note: FUN submissions will not be accepted). You can join the Hunt anytime between December 8-14, but don't forget to submit your results during the time range. No pre-registration is needed.

Is the competition available for non-English-speaking streamers?

Yes, you can stream in any convenient language.

What games can I stream to participate in the contest?

You can stream any game listed in the rules of the contest above.

Can I submit results and win multiple quests?

There are no limitations on how many targets (quests) you can submit and win. You can become a winner of multiple targets simultaneously.

Can I use bonus buys?

Yes, bonus buys are allowed.

What is the minimum bet allowed?

You can stream with any bet you want, there are no limitations.

Submit Your Results

To submit your results contact us via WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, or Email and include the following information:

– Twitch, DLive, or YouTube nickname
– Operator (the website you are playing on)
– Target (quest) number
– Recording link with the timecode

Looking forward to seeing your results!
WhatsApp: +48 737 372 155Telegram: @bgaming_streamers Skype: m.k.19 Email:

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